Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 4 [x]
↳ favourite heartbreaking moment(s)

All of these scenes are absolutely heartbreaking, but when you pair them with Robert Duncan’s amazing score, they all rip your heart out without giving you time to breathe before the next one. 

Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week Day 4: Favorite Happy Moments

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light." Castle is the light in Beckett’s life and we’ve seen it countless times. Beckett is the strongest light source for Castle, not wanting to discredit Martha and Alexis, but I hope and think that her light will shine even brighter for him in season 7.

Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week Day 3: Favorite Quotes

Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week Day 1: Favorite Season

Season 5 & 6 - I tend to have a hard time picking favorites, especially when it comes to Castle. And with seasons, they get better with each new season. For some reason I can easily brush off seasons 1-3 because so many come after those, and I tend to go for 5 or 6 because I do think they are fantastic, but so is season 4! Season 4 is the season that got me hooked on Castle. But when it comes down to it, at the moment, season 5 and 6 are completely tied. You can’t beat Castle and Beckett finally in a relationship. 

Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week/Day 2: Favorite Parallel

1x09 Little Lost Girl / 2.12 A Rose For Ever After